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Circuits of the past

Remember the motor racing circuits of the past!

AVUS Berlin 2016

It was Monday August 2, 2016 when I drove from my hotel in the center of Berlin to the old AVUS street circuit. It was the last circuit on my 2016 Circuit Tour through Germany. Once before I visited the AVUS. That was in 1999 when I only made some pictures of the Nordkurve. This time I would film the complete AVUS.


Eurospeedway Lausitz 2016

It's Saturday July 30, 2016. After a visit to the Deutschlandring in the mornig I drove into the direction of Berlin, where I would visit the AVUS among others. But on the way I would pass another circuit, the Eurospeedway Lausitz also known as Lausitzring. Although it is a modern circuit, I didn't want to miss this opportunity to visit it.


Valencia street circuit 2017

When visiting Valencia you can not miss the beach and the harbor. Valencia has a nice, wide beach and the climate make it even in January already a fine place to stay. Right next to the beach is the Marina Reial Juan Carlos I, where between 2008 and 2012 a Formula One Grand Prix was held under the name Grand Prix of Europe Telefónica.


Deutschlandring 2016

It's July 30, 2016 when I leave my hotel in Dresden in the early morning and drive into the direction of Hohnstein. There is an unknown lost circuit, built in the 1930's, called Deutschlandring. It was intended that here the German Grand Prix would be held here in 1940, but the outbreak of World War II prevented this.


Sachsenring 2016

It was Friday June 29, 2016 in the early morning when I leaved Neueremberg with destination Sachsenring. Todays Sachsenring is well known for the German Grand Prix for motorcycles, but I was mostly interested in the old street circuit. The old track is still in tact, except the old Start/Finish straght. After a 2 hour drive I arrived at the current circuit, which looks more like a business park than a race track.


Norisring 2016

It is still Thursday July 28. After my visit to the Solitudering (See my previous blog post) I drove to Neuremberg where I would spend the night. This was also a great opportunity to visit the Norisring, a street circuit around a huge grandstand of stone which was built by order of Adolf Hitler.


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