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Circuits of the past

Remember the motor racing circuits of the past!

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500th Subscriber YouTube Channel

Circuits of the past

Today March 24, 2016 I welcomed the 500th subscriber of the Circuits of the past YouTube Channel. Time to make up the balance and to look back at the history of my YouTube Channel.

When I started with this website in September 2003, I never heard about YouTube. Logical, because YouTube did not exist those days. It was founded in February 2005 and taken over by Google in 2006.

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After YouTube became enormous popular I saw the value of a YouTube Channel in 2010. On May 16, 2010 I created the Circuits of the past YouTube Channel. My only goal was to get visitors from YouTube to my website.

There was only one small problem, I had neither videos nor a video camera! With the free video editor Windows Movie Maker I created slideshows of my photos. The firt "movie" I uploaded was, how could it be otherwise, about Nivelles-Baulers.

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The first YouTube video.

Actually, I find it a bad video today. However, because of its age it is still the most viewed video on my channel. In the following months I published more of these kind of slideshows. The first real movie came in 2011 after I filmed a lap at (again) Nivelles-Baulers with the video function, without sound, of my digital photo camera which I hold in my hand while driving the whole track in 3rd gear.

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My first onboard video.

It would take until the end of 2013 before I upload the next video. After I purchased a digital HD camera I started seriously making videos. The first circuit I visit with my new camera was an old street circuit in Donkerbroek, which is not far from my residence Heerenveen in the North of the Netherlands.

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Street circuit Donkerbroek.

This street circuit was only used once for a motorcycle race. Because it was too small and too bumpy the organizers looked for an alternative. This was found near Oosterwolde, a few kilometers away from Donkerbroek. So my next onboard video was made at "Circuit de Weper" near Oosterwolde.

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Circuit de Weper.

Since then I'm an avid filmmaker and I try to make high-quality videos. since August 2015 I upload every week at least one video. In this period my channel grew from 97 subscribers to 509. The most spectacular videos are in my opinion those where I film an abandoned circuit ruin. My aim is to make more of these kind of videos in the future. So, if you know a circuit ruin please let me know in the comment box below this page.

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Abandoned race tracks in Europe.

Today my ambitions with my YouTube Channel are much higher than receive traffic from YouTube to my website. I want to improve the quality of my videos again and again. And I want to grow from a small channel to a channel with thousands of subscribers, to keep the memories alive to the circuits of the past.

Will you be the next subscriber?

The advantages:
 It's totaly free.
You will never miss a video again.
You help me to keep the memories alive to the circuits of the past.

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Thanks for the subscribe :)

Herman Liesemeijer


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