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Circuits of the past

Remember the motor racing circuits of the past!

Nürburgring Steilstrecke

The Steilstrecke, German for steep track, is a part of the Nürburgring Nordschleife specially constructed for test drives like the Test Hill at Brooklands. It is a straight stretch of 450 meters long with a gradient of up to 27%!

On this satellite photo you see the famous Karussell and Hohe Acht. The thin line from the right hand turn before the Karussell to Hohe Acht is the Steilstrecke (Use the zoom function for more details).

nürburgring steilstrecke corner
The entry to the Steilstrecke seen from the opposite direction.

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Usage of the Steilstrecke

According to some sources it was possible until the sixties during the so called Touristenfahrten (Tourist Rides), when the circuit was open for ordinary vehicles, to choose if you would turn right to the famous Carussell or to go straight over the Steilstrecke. To come back together at Hohe Acht...

After a number of fatalities they should have decided to close the Steilstrecke. But in all probability, this is just an urban legend.

Nurburgring Steilstrecke

Above and below a view from the top of the Steilstrecke in both directions

Nurburgring Steilstrecke

nürburgring steilstrecke
The Steilstrecke closed by a fence!

Still today the Steilstrecke is a big landmark which you can't miss during a "Tourist Ride" at the Nordschleife! When you enter this site after Kesselchen you see behind the fence the typical groovedconcrete slabs between the trees before you turn right to the famous Karussell.

Text and pictures: Herman Liesemeijer

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