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Circuits of the past

Remember the motor racing circuits of the past!

A lap at the Nürburgring Südschleife

A photo tour around the forgotten part of the old Nürburgring, the Südschleife. By Herman LiesemeijerAbove a map from the original layout of the entire Nürburgring. The red part is the Südschleife.

nürburgring grand prix circuit start finish
Unless the fact that this part has been reconstructed dramatically, the Start/Finish is still on the same place. This area formed the so caled Start und Ziel Schleife (Start/Finish Loop) and was localized between the North and the South Loop.

nürburgring entry to the südschleife südkehre
About here was the entry to the Südschleife.

The beginning of the Bränkekopf section. This part is now the public road from the village of Nürburg to Müllenbach.

They have rounded the corners at this part to make it safer for traffic.

nürburgring südschleife camping
We pass the camping site "Camping am Nürburgring".

nürburgring südschleife telephone post
Opposite to the entrance of the camping site are the remains of an old telephone post from the marshalls.

nürburgring südschleife bocksberg corner
Where you see the right hand corner in the road was the old Bocksberg Kurve (Bocksberg Corner). Compare to the current corner it was more a kink. The public road leaves here the traject of the Südschleife...

To stay on the Südschleife you have to take the parallel road which brings you to this commercial area. This was the short straight after the Bocksberg Corner.

nürburgring südschleife
Originally enough, they called this street the Südschleife.

nürburgring südschleife müllenbach corner
Today this is a dead end. The turning point is exact on the site of the old Müllenbach Kurve (Müllenbach Corner).

The Müllenbach Corner was the Southern angle of the track where the drivers turned right to the North.

Here the track continued...

Do you see the space between the trees? That's where the Südschleife was.

After a detour we arrive at an authentic abandoned part of the Südschleife...

nürburgring neglected part of the südschleife
This part is not used for anything today, so it is in a neglected state.

From here the old Südschleife is used as an entry to the parking lot from the current Grand Prix Strecke (Grand Prix Circuit).

The Rassrück section is still in a good condition.

nürburgring südschleife rassrück

At the end of the fast Rassrück section they had to brake very hard for the slow entry to the Scharfer Kopf section.

nürburgring südschleife scharfer kopf mazda mx3 v6

When the're no events the road is closed.

Here ends the authentic part of the Südschleife. The next part is public road.

nürburgring südschleife scharfer kopf
This road is following the long left hand corner of the Scharfer Kopf section.

About here was the so called Stichstraße .

Here the Südschleife connected to the Start und Zielschleife. In the old day's there was a tunnel too on this site. But compare to the current situation, the drivers drove underneath the publick road.

This is the backside of the small pit c.q. grandstand on the most Southern point of the Nordschleife. On this site was the a small loop
leading to the Start/Finish straght which was used if the Nordschleife was not used. Because of it's concrete surface it was named the "Beton Kehre" (Concrete Turn).

More about the Südschleife.

© Text en pictures: Herman Liesemeijer

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