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Circuits of the past

Remember the motor racing circuits of the past!

Panorama Corner

Panorama Corner Zandvoort Circuit

The origination of the Panorama Corner

The Panorama Corner, Panoramabocht in Dutch language, was the chicane at the old part of Zandvoort, constructed at the end of 1972 as a part of renovation works for the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix Formula One. It was one of the many safety measurements that were required to the track. Without those changes there would be no Grand Prix.

This new chicane replaced the beloved fast right left combination "Bos In", qualified by Dutch racing driver Rob Slotemaker as "the difference between de boy and the man", to reduce speed at this dangerous part of the track.

Bos In Corner Zandvoort Circuit

Bos In Corner Zandvoort Circuit
The "Bos In" in 1972, the last year. The forest was already cut down.

Construction Panorama Corner Zandvoort Circuit
The reconstruction from the "Bos In" to Panorama Corner.

Panorama Corner Zandvoort Circuit in 1974
Rob Slotemaker sliding trough the Panorama Corner in 1974.

Panorama Corner Zandvoort Circuit
The Panorama Corner was a beloved place by spectators because of the many out-braking manoeuvres, who went not always like the drivers wanted...

The end of the Panorama Corner

Panorama Corner Zandvoort Circuit

When in July 1989 the circuit was reduced to a 2,5 km (1.56 Mile) short interim circuit, a holiday resort was built at the site of the Panorama Corner. The picture above from 1998 shows the abandoned part of the track before the former Panorama Corner.

The new road you see is a connection because this part of the circuit was temporary used as a trailer park those days. At the end of 2003 they removed the last remaines of the of the old part of the circuit. Today there are new roads and buildings here (See also "A lap at old Zandvoort")

Site Panorama Corner Zandvoort Circuit
Once upon a time here was the Panorama corner...

© Text: Herman Liesemeijer Pictures: Rob Petersen (Before 1989) and Herman Liesemeijer (After 1989)

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